PC Performance and Setting

To use this service, it is necessary to make a contract with an internet service provider to have internet access. Please read below and use in proper access environment.
*In this service, speed and display differ greatly according to performance of user PC and/or Internet access environment. The statement below is only minimum required environment. The conditions below are minimum requirements for PC environment. The transaction speed and other performance are not guaranteeed. (Please also read the Note and Exclusion of Liability carefully)

Operation Environment
Capable OS
Windows 2000 / XP / Vista
MacOS 9 or above / MacOS X
Recommended Browser
Internet Explorer 6.0 or above
Firefox 2.0 or above
Safari 1.3 or above

*We make no guarantee of proper operation for all PC environments.

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Internet Explorer

"Popup window blocking" may be set for security purposes as privacy protection when using a browser.
Popup windows are used in this service. Please disable block setting if necessary.

Exclusion of Liability:
Mitsubishi Research Institute DCS makes no guarantee of proper operation for the download of all the above. Even if direct or indirect damage occurs due to download, we shall accept no responsibility and will provide no compensation. This download service may alter specifications without prior notice to user, and may suspend service. In the event of direct or indirect damages occurred by such, we shall accept no responsibility and will provide no compensation. In the event of malfunction or deficiency while downloading, regardless of dimension of the problem, we shall have no duty of maintenance or amendment. Microsoft, the Microsoft Internet Explorer Logo, Windows, Windows NT are registered trademarks or trademaks in the United States and other countries of Microsoft Corporation in the United States. In addition, company names and product names mentioned on this site are the trademarks of the companies or registered trademarks.

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