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Our company has built a multidirectional business model linking education-related contents to an assembly of platforms and media including convenience stores, the internet, mobile telephones, and print media. As a company worthy of trust from both the sender of information (educational institutions such as universities and vocational schools), and information receiver (individual customer), we have developed official personal information protection regulations based on JIS "personal information protection management system-requirements" (JIS Q15001:2006). We handle all personal information carefully in strict accordance with our regulations and ensure all our employees strictly follow these personal information protection policies.

Article 1
About Personal Information Management
User information is required to use this service. Please read the Personal Information management statement below and apply if you agree with its contents.
Management and Protection of Personal Information
Management Company : Opt Japan Co.,Ltd.
Personal Information Handling Desk : TEL:+81-3-5261-9791
Article 2
The Terms of Personal Information and the Purpose of Use
The user information is to be used for confirmation of the application and the payment. In the case that the user information has been obtained by the management company through either an enquiry or a complaint, said information will be deleted within 6 months. The management company will only collate this information for the purpose of explaining or resolving the customer's enquiry or complaint.
Telephone conversations are monitored in order to check and improve staff service skills. Staff training is also held regularly in order to satisfy every customer's needs.
Article 3
Provision of Personal Data
When the user makes a payment by credit card, all application data that was used to confirm the payment will be provided to the educational institution. When the user uses another method of payment, all of the application data that was confirmed before the due date of payment will be provided to educational institution.
Article 4
Request for Disclosure of Personal Information / Procedure for Request
The management company will comply with the following requests:

1) Disclosure (Release of Information)
2) Notification of Purpose of Use
3) Amendment, Addition, and Elimination
4) Stopping use and Stopping Provision to Third Party

For more information about request form and others, please see "Request for Disclosure". Request of Disclosure and Request of Notification of Purpose of use are charged.
Article 5
Provision of Application Data

The management company may entrust the handling of all or a part of application information, within the scope required to achieve the smooth payment and accurate data processing for the educational institution, to a third party such as a card company or a data processing company.
In this case, the management company shall confirm if the security level for the protection of personal information which the credit card company has been entrusted with (includes data processing companies affiliated with the credit card company) and data processing companies are equal to or above that of the management company.

Article 6
Contact for Complaint about Personal Information Management

If you have any inquiries or a complaint regarding handling of personal information by the management company, please contact to:

Opt Japan Co.,Ltd. Inquiries regarding Personal Information
/ Complaint Window
TEL+81-3-5261-9791 (9am-6pm business day)

Japan Institute for Promotion of Digital Economy
and Community Protection of Personal Information office

Opt Japan is responsible for system planning, development, operation, and management of E-Payment Service. We believe the protection of user information is a social duty, so we have established "privacy policy" for a worry-free way to use our system. For details Opt Japan Co.,Ltd. Privacy Policy